The Solar Cycle

As we close on to another 584 million miles around the sun, with the holiday period on the horizon and 2022 planning and strategy discussions underway, let’s recap on how our energy and commodities markets have fared. And what we can expect next. 




2021 started off with continued COVID-19 grim news and stats from 2020. And by early spring we were hit with the major breakouts in various parts of the world. But with vaccination drives across the world, there was hope for a sense of normalcy to return and businesses were looking towards a ‘post-covid’ world.  




Due to COVID-19, unpredictable weather and supply chain issues, we saw huge gains, losses and swings in commodity prices. Crude oil jumped from mid-$40s to low-$80s (before Omicron was thrust upon us). Power markets globally were impacted by weather that plunged Texas into darkness and UK power prices surged to a few thousand pounds per mw. Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies continued making waves with some well-timed tweets by Elon Musk.  


I believe we can all agree that late 2020 and 2021 can be considered the start of a commodity super cycle that may be summarized in an old Chinese saying – “may you live in interesting times”.  


And, with the supercycle comes a lot of market activity in technology innovation and adoption. And that’s why we at CTRMCloud are extremely excited about what 2022 has in store for us and how we can help provide the value to our customers to stay on top of all-things-risk (trading and market risk, credit risk, operations risk et al).  


We wish everyone a wonderful holiday period and look forward to more ‘interesting times’ with all of you.   


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