Thanksgiving 2021
Thanksgiving - ETRM Blog

Looking back on the last 12 months, I feel a mixture of relief at the world slowly resuming to the way things were (pre-pandemic); awe in the dedication of key workers; and grateful for the resilience of my fellow humans when we were faced with the unprecedented. 


But most of all, I feel thankful for so many reasons. ‘Tis the season, after all. 



At a recent energy trading conference we sponsored in Houston, KWA Analytics delivered a thought-provoking presentation on digital transformation. We were particularly grateful to this session not only because it discussed issues close to our hearts (legacy systems and modern alternatives). But also because the presenter is quick to recognize and callout CTRMCloud’s rich functionality, and for simplifying how CTRMCloud provides a route to an organization’s competitive transformation. 


Now, we’ve talked about the issues with legacy systems a lot in the past, so we won’t belabour any points here. And if you’re using an old system, you’ll know when it’s no longer fit for purpose. For example, when you’re unable to generate a true view of your business due to a fragmented technology stack. 



“Sustainable, scalable, and sophisticated.” That’s how modern ETRM and CTRM solutions are described in this presentation. 


Today’s ETRM solutions have a modern infrastructure, typically cloud based. This makes for easier integrations, making data more accessible. Which consequently provides a consolidated view of your organization’s financial  health. 


They will also be gentle on budgets and resources. With fast implementations and plenty of out of the box features, a modern solution will make trading operations more efficient than ever. 


“CTRMCloud does not require an army of developers to maintain.” – KWA Analytics


And don’t let the simplified user experience and ease of implementation fool you: today’s CTRM software will furnish you with advanced risk analytics and optimized VaR. 



Referred to as a “tremendous addition” to a legacy CTRM solution, KWA Analytics’ presentation outlines why CTRMCloud makes the perfect addition to your tech stack. 


If you’re looking to update your CTRM or ETRM solution, check out the presentation below. You’ll thank us for it. 


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