Cloud goes beyond simply hosting – it’s at the forefront of a wave of new technological possibilities.

Since its inception, CTRMCloud™’s vision has been to build a truly cloud native SAAS solution enabling customers to take advantage of the new enterprise software solution paradigm to eliminate costly and lengthy implementations and upgrades, to help organizations to be adaptive and nimble.


Cloud native software has been specifically designed, developed and deployed to utilise the benefits of the cloud.

Unlike other cloud enabled vendors, CTRMCloud have never been installed on-premise and then lifted and migrated onto cloud-based servers to make them accessible through a web browser.


The extensive additional abilities of cloud-native products over cloud-hosted products highlight the limitations of the latter, as problems are imported from legacy systems that are not built for purpose.

Unlike 1st or 2nd generation CTRM vendors, CTRMCloud’s cloud native technology enables technological agility without compromising security, stability or functionality.

Technology stack


The CTRMCloud platform is built on a microservices based architecture, which is modular, easy to integrate, resilient and scalable.

  • The platform utilizes NoSQL (MongoDB) and RDBMS for data storage,
  • Hazelcast, an in-memory distributed cache, for increased performance
  • Kafka for robust messaging and event management between services.


CTRMCloud’s modern, functionally rich set of user interfaces have been built on the latest set of technologies and is acessible from any web connected device.

Each service exposes a comprehensive set of RESTful APIs for easy integration with in-house and other 3rd party systems.

What is ETRM Software?

What is ETRM Software?

As described by CTRM Center, ETRM (energy trading, transaction and risk management) software is that category of software applications, architectures and tools that support the business processes associated with trading commodities. In the broadest sense, commodity...

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