risk management solution

CTRMCloud™ offers an advanced risk management solution to mitigate risk across multiple commodities and currencies.



Fast and comprehensive VaR computations including risk decomposition to commodity prices, FX rates, volatilities and other market factors.
VAR for 100,000 trades can be calculated under 3 minutes.



Flexible, multi-dimensional simulations – define your market scenarios, see the impact changes to market prices, FX and interest rates, volatilities, correlations will have on your bottom line.



Simulate trades and see results before deciding to execute and include what-if trades across various risk analyses including MTM, PnL, VaR, Simulations. 



Analyze P/L performance based on a variety of factors, including new, amended, and cancelled deals, market data changes, and realization roll off. The presence of timely and accurate profit and loss reporting is an important part of a company’s daily reporting. CTRMCloud™ offers daily P&L variance reports that will clearly identify the current total P&L, as well as clear “buckets” for subtotals and daily deltas. CTRMCloud provides a P&L attribution report allowing to explain variations, between two days but also between different times of the same day.



It is critical that every trade position within the portfolio is priced and valued on a day-to-day basis. This mark-to-market is the current value of physical and financial trades as measured by prevailing market prices. CTRMCloud™’s ‘mark-to-market’ variance report breaks by several different trade criteria and shows the impact of changes in market prices on existing positions.



Users can build their own custom reports based on their own requirements, with minimal effort and leverage the power of dynamic pivot tables. With CTRMCloud™, companies can obtain a real-time, accurate and consolidated view of their global trading operations including positions, mark-to-market P&L, derivatives, and risk across multiple commodities.

The Solar Cycle

The Solar Cycle

As we close on to another 584 million miles around the sun, with the holiday period on the horizon and 2022 planning and strategy discussions underway, let’s recap on how our energy and commodities markets have fared. And what we can expect next.    LOOKING BACK   ...

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