CTRMCloud™’s intuitive deal entry is quick and pain free, allowing to capture and manage the physical and financial trading of commodities with support for various contract types, delivery options, and pricing agreements. The platform provides a wide array of Exchange and Over-the-Counter (OTC) Physical and Financially settled instruments along with foreign exchange (FX), and interest rate (IR) derivatives. 

  • Long form trade entry along with blotter-style single line trade entry as well as easy to use spreadsheet uploader for comprehensive trade management,
  • Dynamic custom reports built by and for the users with minimal effort,
  • Real-time fully customisable pivot tables allowing to define exactly how positions and associated risks can be monitored,
  • Native real-time components, catering consolidated view of their global trading operations including position, mark-to-market P&L, derivatives, and risk across multiple commodities,
  • P&L variance reports clearly identifying the current total P&L, as well as clear “buckets” for subtotals and daily deltas,
  • Mark-to-Market variance reports broken down by several different trade criteria showing the impact of changes in market prices on existing positions
  • Computation speed: 100 millions trades can be valued under 3 minutes,
  • 14,000 indices (and counting) are ready to use in the database and cleansed regularly.

As an example, CTRMCloud supports procurement planning, coverage, variance analysis, analytics, and optimization. Suitable for both local and global sourcing and distribution. CTRMCloud can be used by manufacturers to protect margins, and manage volatility in commodity, energy, and raw materials cost. Panoramic snapshots of the effectiveness of strategies make of CTRMCloud™ the ultimate decision support solution.



CTRMCloud™ is built around the operational benefits of Cloud and straight-through processing (STP) from the front to the middle and back office.

Management of transactions is on an exception based process and provides the ability to track easily where a transaction requires manual review if issues arise,

  • CTRMCloud offers a single source of truth for Front to Back, official P&L, accounting and settlements able to be tracked back to individual transactions,
  • Secondary costs premiums , differentials , fees , transportation and other ancillary charges can be managed and tracked,
  • The multi-currency accounting allows to track everything in the base currency and the transactional currency,
  • Human error is reduced by automating the entire transaction process and eliminates delays having all data available and consistent,
  • Productivity is improved as the documentation is automatically generated,
  • Both provisional and final invoices can be generated, in full or partial payables and receivables updated, accruals being accurately managed.CTRMCloud monitors cash flows, and posts entries for P&L reconciliation,
  • Broker Reconciliation tools allow users to identify any errors early on in pricing, trade processing including closeouts and expiries, and broker commissions. This timely reconciliation process contributes to accuracy in margin call payments and profit and loss calculations . Reports are documented and archived for future investigation,
  • Seamless integration with other systems such as SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle and more offer a true end-to-end solution.

CTRMCloud is completely integrated with most exchanges including CME, ICE, Nodal Exchange, EEX or HUPX, and data providers such as Refinitiv, Morningstar for fully automated trade and market data connectivity in real-time.

It’s A Small World

It’s A Small World

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