CTRMCloud™ offers a CTRM platform that is built on a service based architecture to enable modular deployment for point solutions, ready to scale with your business requirements. At the same time, it has the breadth and depth of the functionality and the robustness required to serve as an enterprise-wide, end-to-end CTRM solution for large, global companies with complex business problems.


Our platform comprises of a set of services, each designed to address the needs of a certain business function, enabling our customers to assemble their own functional universe of solutions. Each service exposes a rich and comprehensive set of REST APIs catering not only for easy integration with in-house and 3rd party applications, but also for rapid development of new services and integration of in-house or 3rd party pricing models.


We are proud of the way we use the latest technologies and leverage them as a way to partner with our customers and continually extend the platform’s capabilities.

The Life of a Lithium-Ion Battery

The Life of a Lithium-Ion Battery

Late last year, my colleague briefly considered an electric vehicle (EV), but discounted it for various (practical) reasons. Well, I picked up my first hybrid car last week. The very notion of using a three-pin plug to charge my car feels very strange. Whilst it’s not...

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