Why leverage a modern native cloud modular solution alongside your existing legacy CTRM plumbing?

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Legacy CTRM Technology Challenges

  • Monolithic / 20 year plus technology lead to rigid data structures and difficulty with upgrades and enhancements.

  • Custom client projects, multiple sources of code & acquisitions have led to a support and innovation challenge.

  • Features & configuration are very difficult to manage due to conflicting behavior of data models for a global multi-commodity solution.

  • Makes consolidation of data from external sources nearly impossible.

  • Lengthy upgrades and change process.

Native Cloud provides a multi tenant native solution:

  • Open API environment allows for easy integration and setup

  • Easy to get Data in and out of the system

  • Setup only requires primary economic terms of a trade / contract / exposure

  • Pre-loaded data and metadata into the system

  • Configurations allow flexibility in managing behavior for different markets / commodities

  • Risk Evaluation can be done based on specific data sets

CTRM Cloud provides benefits and performance of a newer tech stack alongside your legacy systems and plumbing.

We have a seasoned team of technologists and industry veterans and constant engagement and feedback with customers/users and prospects provide us with insight to build a flexible next-gen platform.

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