Everybody is working from home – can you still take on a CTRM implementation project?

Newer cloud-native SaaS solutions, because they are designed to be deployed and implemented remotely, are in a unique position to change the well documented tarnished legacy CTRM implementation paradigm and help companies adjust to ongoing remote work and successfully navigate this challenging environment.

Prior to March 2020 several of our CTRMCloud Platform implementations had been completed remotely. This provided our team invaluable experience and best practices which allowed us to seamlessly continue to support existing clients and help new customers go live on the system on time and on budget in 2020.

Today’s ubiquitous collaboration tools, such as video conferencing, make for a more productive collaborative environment.

From a technical point of view, unlike an on premise system, a SaaS implementation can be completed remotely without any difference or impact on the process.

A collaborative remote implementation provides for expanded customer knowledge, helping with system onboarding and support.

A fast on time solution provides a significantly lower total cost of ownership coupled with immense time savings.

The second half of 2020 has proved that even the most complex of CTRM implementations can be completed remotely. We are still looking forward to the day when we can see our customers face to face as opposed to a computer screen, but until then, we are well equipped and fully committed to help them succeed.


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