Intraday Risk Analytics alongside legacy systems

If you are using a traditional E/CTRM system to calculate your risk, you are more than likely waiting for the "nightly batch process" to complete so you can see your risk the next morning; at which point, you are seeing yesterday's risk.

With CTRMCloud, not only can you see your positions, mark-to-market, PnL in real-time, you can also see your forward-looking risk in real-time by running any number of user defined stress scenarios.

Where is my mark-to-market or PnL or delta-equivalent positions now and what will happen to them if prices went down by 10% and volatilities went up by 10%?

CTRMCloud allows you to define your stress scenarios, whether they are to specific risk factors or combinations of them; and run these scenarios in real-time.

Commodity prices, volatilities, correlations, FX rates, interest rates, and any combination of these: e.g. commodity prices versus volatilities or commodity prices vs FX rates or oil prices versus natural gas prices, etc.

CTRM Cloud provides the benefits of a modern, cloud-native solution including rapid / remote implementations, real time risk analytics & continuous product enhancements.

With remote modular deployment, take advantage of the performance of a newer tech stack without having to untangle the legacy plumbing and systems.

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