Eliminate Spreadsheet Risk

CTRM Cloud will automate manual trade and risk processes eliminating spreadsheet risks including Version Control, IP Ownership, Human Error, Scale and compliance.

Version Control

No version control and limited collaboration will lead to multiple disparate versions of spreadsheets. Who updated what sheets when?

IP Ownership

Who own’s the spreadsheet – what happens when trader or quant leaves your firm? What value has the IP that will cross the street to your competitor?

Human Error

No controls over data entry and corrections. Manual input, fat fingers and typing errors inevitably lead to bad data and inaccurate risk valuation.

Spreadsheets do not scale

The timing and performance of intraday and EOD of calculations will inevitably slow and impact the productivity of your teams. As large batch processes end up taking place over night – key business decisions are unnecessarily on hold.


Mandated compliance and audit reporting are increasing – EMIR, Dodd Frank. Timely, accurate reporting cannot be accomplished across multiple unwieldy spreadsheets.



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