CTRM Cloud provides connectivity and STP to ICE, CME and Nodal

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Given the recent market volatility in the energy and commodity markets, it’s critical to gain access to real-time positions and data.

Straight through Processing (STP) eliminates manual entry of trade details by enabling the uploading of trades directly to the system, parsing the data and assigning it to relevant fields.

Automatically feeding trade details into CTRM or ETRM systems greatly increases back office efficiency and accuracy by preventing costly errors due to human mistakes and delays in manual processes.

CTRM Cloud is now certified on ICE, CME and Nodal Exchange.

With CTRM Cloud, not only can you see your positions, mark-to-market, PnL in real-time, you can also see your forward-looking risk in real-time by running any number of user defined stress scenarios.

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