CTRM Cloud Adds New Clients to Its Native Cloud Risk Management Platform

The CTRM as a Service was officially launched earlier in 2019. CTRM Cloud has had a busy Q3 adding several clients to the new system. New clients have taken advantage of fast implementation and Modular deployment to solve a variety of cross commodity risk and reporting challenges.

Solutions provided include:

Aggregated Risk for Global Merchant with multiple existing CTRM systems

CTRM Cloud provides consolidation of Risk and analytics form multiple existing systems coupled with an updated reporting suite. We replaced a manual laborious 6 hours process with an automated daily process that runs in minutes.

Adding new users and / or functionality alongside legacy CTRM systems.

CTRM Cloud has a flexible configurable setup allowing legacy CTRM users to add new desk and books quickly. As the legacy CTRM landscape consolidates leading to a slowdown in innovation and increased costs, CTRM Cloud is providing flexibility in setup and cost to clients needed to expand their CTRM functionality and coverage.

Spreadsheet Replacement

Spreadsheets still exist across trading organization. CTRM Cloud provides a cost effective, easy to implement solution which quickly eliminates compliance and IP ownership issues. Basic spreadsheet conversion and implementation has been completed in less than one week.


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