CTRM as a Service

CTRMCloud is an open and fast to implement

Front-to-Back CTRM solution with a strong

focus on Risk Management, offering

the best of what the latest technology can



TCO reduction compared to other CTRM systems

Money and time spent on upgrading

Weeks for a standard implementation


Happy customers

Front-to-Back Trading and STP

CTRMCloud™ was built around the operational benefits of Cloud and straight-through processing (STP) from trade capture to accounting.

Fully integrated with most exchanges, CTRMCloud provides real-time front-to-back automation for trade and market data connectivity.

Risk Management

CTRMCloud™ offers an advanced solution for managing risk across multiple commodities and currencies. The comprehensive risk management solution controls and mitigates price, operational, regulatory, and counterparty credit risk.

Software as a Service

Cloud goes beyond simply hosting - it's at the forefront of a wave of new technological possibilities.

CTRMCloud™’s cloud native technology enables technological agility without compromising security, stability or functionality.

Modular & Extensible

CTRMCloud™ is built on a large collection of Rest APIs catering both for easy integration but also rapid development.

We are proud of the way we use the latest technology and leverage it as a way to partner with our customers and develop new features and functions.


We chose CTRMCloud™ solution because of its robust risk management functionality allowing users to gain insight into various elements of risk exposure, including a broad range of analyses including easy-to-use scenario analysis, multi-dimensional simulations and stress testing in real time.


During our selection process, we were convinced that CTRMCloud™ offered the most solid solution to meet the requirements of managing the $600 million energy budget of our Fortune 500 retail client.


Unlike other CTRM systems, CTRMCloud™ offers immediate value. We were able get all our trades into the system, have a complete view of our positions, mark-to-market, P&L and risk within the first week of starting to use the system.

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