If you are using a traditional CTRM system to calculate your risk, you are more than likely waiting for the “nightly batch process” to complete so you can see your risk the next morning; at which point, you are seeing yesterday’s risk.

With CTRMCloud, not only can you see your positions, mark-to-market, PnL in real-time, you can also see your forward-looking risk in real-time by running any number of user defined stress scenarios. Where is my mark-to-market or PnL or delta-equivalent positions now and what will happen to them if prices went down by 10% and volatilities went up by 10%?

CTRMCloud allows you to define your stress scenarios, whether they are to specific risk factors or combinations of them; and run these scenarios in real-time.Commodity prices, volatilities, correlations, FX rates, interest rates, and any combination of these: e.g. commodity prices versus volatilities or commodity prices vs FX rates or oil prices versus natural gas prices, etc.

CTRMCloud provides the benefits of a modern, cloud-native solution including rapid and remote implementations, real time risk analytics & continuous product enhancements.

With remote modular deployment, take advantage of the performance of a newer tech stack without having to untangle the legacy plumbing and systems.

CTRMCloud allows for data to be collected, analyzed and reported in near real time from all areas of the business. Contact us to learn more.

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