A recent visit to an optometrist reminded me that if there’s one thing that doesn’t change, it is change itself. My optometrist happily told me that there is a new design of hard contact lenses that covers more of the eye’s surface, not just the pupil, prolonging wear to 16 hours. A huge upgrade on the usual 6-8 hours (if you’re lucky – I‘ve only ever been able to manage 4!). What a game changer for anyone who relies on contact lenses. And the sheer simplicity of it got me thinking. 



One of my favorite acronyms is K.I.S.S. ( Keep It Simple, Stupid). I’m not keen on the use of stupid but I do like the sound of Keep it Simple and Sustainable. The K.I.S.S. acronym is often used to convey the key goal of any system or process design which should not be complicated. Creating something that’s straightforward often takes a lot of imagination: just because it appears uncomplicated to the user does not mean capabilities and functionalities are less sophisticated.  

The use of sustainable comes to life when you build a simple design that is easy to extend and improve upon when requirements change. Take the hard contact lenses as an example: though the new design is simple and allows for extended wear, they are still able to correct the sight of many people with extreme astigmatism, which is no easy task (trust me, as someone with the condition). 



In the world of commodities, change is constant and it’s not always ‘as good as a rest’. Not only are there the associated challenges and effects of global sustainability – such as flood risk, rising sea levels, droughts and fires – but also within markets. Privacy and data security, and regulatory pressures are introducing new risk factors for investors that previously may have been less obvious. As companies face rising levels of complexity, investors may re-evaluate traditional investment approaches. 

“Less is more”, Ludwig Mies van der Rohel, 1947 

The phrase ‘less is more’ was made famous by designer and architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and it was practised in his modernist architectural designs. Similarly, we at CTRMCloud also champion the notion of simplicity. The design of a CTRM system should be simple, allowing the product to be extended easily, as and when requirements from markets, regulators and users change. The user should be able to easily access data via reporting, allowing them to make quick decisions and see the impact of those decisions if executed. This will provide summarized views of financial landscapes, whilst enabling the back office to easily see the detail behind the numbers to ensure accurate reporting of settlements and accounting. 

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