Volatility in the metals markets has become the norm. Metals value chain participants such as miners, refiners, smelters, producers, recyclers, processors, fabricators, and traders have seen prices fluctuate to previously unseen levels.

Large changes in metals prices reduce accuracy of forecasts, impede proper risk management, and negatively impact margins.

CTRMCloud™ allows companies to see exactly how market changes affect operating margins so they can take appropriate actions.

  • Reduce operational, logistical, marketing, and commercial costs

  • Curtail quality penalties and lost revenue

  • Ensure contracts are delivered on-time and within specification

  • ​Optimize resource allocation and delivery of consistent product quality

  • Minimize end of month adjustments and inventory write-downs

  • ​Provide appropriate business controls on key corporate processes

  • Streamline daily, weekly, monthly, and ad hoc reporting

  • ​Automate routine processes such as data entry, invoice, and laytime calculations

  • Base metals

  • Precious metals

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