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ETRM for tomorrow’s energy markets


CTRMCloud™ provides an ETRM solution that has expanded and integrated functionality across trading, pricing, position management, valuation, scheduling/nomination, transmission, confirmation matching, and settlement for global power, oil, gas and carbon markets.


Volatility in the power, gas, oil and carbon markets offers huge opportunities and equally huge risks.

Companies wishing to succeed must have sophisticated systems in place that not only transact and capture data in real time, but that also provide critical business intelligence and analysis information to make optimal decisions around trade execution.

  • Manages risk tolerances by trading various instruments — hedges positions and sensitivities

  • ​Supports multiple trade types including Load, Generation, Transmission, Heat Rate Spreads, Virtual Power Plants, PPA, FTR/CRR, Emissions, Transport, Park & Loan and Storage

  • ​Provides single, real-time platform for global position and P/L reporting — cash contracts, futures, options, FX, and more

  • Supports multiple exchanges including CBOT, CME, ICE, Nodal, and many more

  • Enables inter-company trading, providing a single point of entry and synchronization

  • ​Supports up to 5-minute trading, pricing and risk valuation.

    • ​EU & NA electricity

    • Natural gas

    • Coal

    • Crude oil

    • Refined products

    • LNG

    • LPG

    • Petrochemicals

    • Biofuels

    • Carbon emissions and certificates.


At the 2021 Energy Trading Risk Summit in Houston, KWA Analytics named CTRMCloud as one of the top three ETRM providers for Power, Gas, Oil and Carbon. Their presentation can be see here.

Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving 2021

Looking back on the last 12 months, I feel a mixture of relief at the world slowly resuming to the way things were (pre-pandemic); awe in the dedication of key workers; and grateful for the resilience of my fellow humans when we were faced with the unprecedented.   ...

EV Version 2.0

EV Version 2.0

“All is rotary, beautifully perfect and wonderfully efficient. There is not that almost terrifying uncertain throb and whirr of the powerful combustion engine... no dangerous and evil smelling gasoline and no noise. Perfect freedom from vibration assures both comfort...

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