CTRMCloud offers a cloud native platform supporting multi-commodity trading and risk management for the Energy, Agriculture, Metals and Mining and Consumer Products and Manufacturing industries.

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Volatility in the power, gas and oil markets offers huge opportunities and equally huge risks.


Companies wishing to succeed must have sophisticated systems in place that not only transact and capture data in real time, but that also provide critical business intelligence and analysis information to make optimal decisions around trade execution.

CTRMCloud provides expanded and integrated functionality across trading, pricing, position management, valuation, scheduling/nomination, transmission, confirmation matching, and settlement for global power, and oil and gas markets.


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Agriculture markets have seen an increase volatility brought about by several factors including poor harvests, sustained demand, global health concerns, increased use of agricultural products for fuel, increased activity on commodity markets and soaring oil prices causing fuel and fertilizer costs to rise.


CTRMCloud enables agribusinesses to proactively manage trading and protect operating margins by delivering cutting-edge functionality to optimize trading, risk management, and hedging


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Volatility in the metals markets has become the norm. Metals value chain participants such as miners, refiners, smelters, producers, recyclers, processors, fabricators, and traders have seen prices fluctuate to previously unseen levels.

Large changes in metals prices reduce accuracy of forecasts, impede proper risk management, and negatively impact margins. 

CTRMCloud allows companies to see exactly how market changes affect operating margins so they can take appropriate actions.


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Procurement decisions need to take into account budgeted spending, actual spending, projected spending and coverage. Issues happen when the data procurement professionals need for this analysis reside across different silos withing the organisation.  Collecting data from multiple places, re-entering the data in spreadsheets and analyzing it takes too much time and is prone to errors leading to loss of opportunity. 

CTRMCloud allows CPG and manufacturing companies to track, monitor, analyze and manage enterprise-wide budgeted, actual and projected spend in a real time and consolidated manner. One version of the truth - anytime, anywhere.