Pre-populated reference data, built-in connections for market data and exchanges provide for rapid implementation and quicker time to value.



Configurable | Pre-populated

CTRMCloud is a cutting-edge cloud native CTRM solution that provides best-of-breed functionality on a real-time, integrated platform across all trading and market risk parameters. 


CTRMCloud comes ready to use with pre-configured and pre-integrated connections to exchanges including CME, ICE, Nodal and more. 


The system also comes pre-populated with reference data which means clients simply need to add their proprietary reference data, such as their book structure, in order to begin trading. 


List of pre-populated data points include:

  • Commodities

  • Pricing Indices

  • Locations

  • UOMs

  • Currencies

  • Holiday calendars

  • Listed derivatives/exchange info (contract specs, expires)

Start managing your business on the CTRMCloud platform in a matter of days, not weeks or months.


Staying the course with the right team

CTRMCloud is proud to staff its projects with experienced and knowledgeable teams who stay the course of the implementation. 

To ensure full synergy between client and CTRMCloud we:

  • Collaborate with the client to ensure the best consultants are assigned to the project

  • Commit to client to staff the project with excellent and knowledgeable resources 

  • Work with the client to assign the right people on their side.



Project Management Excellence

Companies typically want new software systems to make their lives easier through streamlining business processes and centralizing information. However, often the current state business processes are not well defined or documented. 

Ill-defined business processes can lead to inconsistency across the business, and confusion during implementation, leading to delays and budget overrun.

CTRMCloud works with its clients before, during and after project implementation to delivers consistency and comprehension of the current and proposed processes, ensuring that these are made in agreement with  senior stakeholders and business users.

CTRMCloud helps reduce implementation risk and increases time to value.


3rd Generation Cloud Native Technology

Since its inception, CTRMCloud’s vision has been to build a truly modern SaaS solution enabling customers to take advantage of the new enterprise software solution paradigm to eliminate costly and lengthy implementations and upgrades, to help organizations to be adaptive and nimble.

​Unlike other cloud enabled vendors, we have never been installed on-premise and then lifted and migrated onto cloud-based servers to make them accessible through a web browser.​

CTRMCloud's native cloud technology ensures: 

  • Continuous development - Updates to the system are done quickly and easily, allowing for improvements to be addressed early on and with the input of the user.

  • Instant Deployment - updates can be rolled out almost instantly with no downtime for the users.

  • Quicker and easier integrations - RESTful APIs and various data connectivity tools help customers integrate CTRMCloud with a host of other applications and software systems.

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