CTRM Software Implementation Times – Can They Be Reduced?

The implementation of CTRM software can be a long and arduous task, whether its an in-house solution or off the shelf package. During my career as a software implementation consultant, I’ve been involved in many implementation projects, including choosing a new or enhancing an existing software system, reviewing current processes and analyzing user stories, providing advice and solutions along the way. Very often, current processes are manual and undocumented, or systems include data stored and maintained in Microsoft Excel or Outlook emails.  

The analysis of the new system capabilities occurs in the RFP process and if the system is shortlisted, you may get to see the functionality of the system loaded with the demo data. The RFP process does not often reference the implementation procedure. Many times, when a new system is delivered, it’s populated with little or no data and it is up to project participants, sometimes outside consultants, to populate not only proprietary data but also standard product and industry data from scratch. At times users choose to source this standard product and industry data from legacy systems adding the issue of trying to map vital information from the old system to the new.  

In today’s era of modern technology, you don’t want to be in a project post-reflective meeting to hear to users say that it took too long to get the system configured before they were able to even start entering trades and see the benefits of the new system.  

With CTRMCloud, standard product and market data are pre-populated into the system, ensuring a smoother transition from one system to the next, as well as faster time to market. We also go that one step further by providing industry standard setups, for example, predefined trade workflows, accounting configurations and standardized reports, which contributes massively to reducing implementation times. In a nutshell, we can have your new CTRM system up and running in a matter of weeks, ensuring business continuity for you and your organization. 

CTRMCloud offers CTRM as a service, allowing for data to be collected, analyzed and reported in near real time from all areas of the business. Contact us to learn more.

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