Biofuel and Fossil Fuel. It’s All Hot Air.
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Have you ever stood beside a compost pit or mound of recently cut grass? The amount of heat released can be intense. Who would have thought so much energy could be produced from food waste, landfill and cow manure?  


And yet, it’s true: this energy is referred to as biofuel.   




In California, subsidies for production of green energy allows biofuel producers to be more competitive in the energy markets. The California Air Resources Board has the goal to have a 40% reduction in GhG emission by 2023.   


According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, California’s clean-fuels grading system the energy produced from the pile of cow manure has a much better score than landfill gas which in turn, equates to larger subsidies and cost effective biofuel.  


Fossil fuels reliance will be around for some time but is being phased out.   


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” 

Mahatma Gandhi 


Innovation comes from the desire to change. As a collective, we need to understand how to facilitate a cleaner environment. One idea is to move towards green energy, which in turn will result in caring for our climate. Mother Nature has shown her power over the last two to three years: a global pandemic; devastating floods and fires in California and Australia; volcanic eruption in Pacific Islands creating tsunamis and storms, felt thousands of miles away.  


And we responded. Firstly, we tackled the pandemic with a cure. And now, we are converting cow manure into natural gas and emission credits.  

Turning cow manure into renewable source of energy

Turning cow manure into renewable source of energy


None of these are free from market risk or volatility. A good ETRM solution will offer all the necessary tools to facilitate carbon emissions trading. Cross-asset by design, CTRMCloud will optimize your organization’s risk management – from trade capture to back-office management. 


Afterall, hot air is best kept on the fields. Not in your trading operations. 

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