TCO reduction compared to other CTRM systems

Money and time spent on upgrading

Weeks for a standard implementation


Happy customers

Front-to-Back Trading and STP

CTRMCloud™ was built around the operational benefits of Cloud and straight-through processing (STP) from trade capture to accounting.

Fully integrated with most exchanges, CTRMCloud provides real-time front-to-back automation for trade and market data connectivity.

Risk Management

CTRMCloud™ offers an advanced solution for managing risk across multiple commodities and currencies. The comprehensive risk management solution controls and mitigates price, operational, regulatory, and counterparty credit risk.

Cloud-native and SaaS

Cloud goes beyond simply hosting - it's at the forefront of a wave of new technological possibilities.

CTRMCloud™’s cloud native technology enables technological agility without compromising security, stability or functionality.

Modular & Extensible

CTRMCloud™ is built on a large collection of Rest APIs catering both for easy integration but also rapid development.

We are proud of the way we use the latest technology and leverage it as a way to partner with our customers and develop new features and functions.


We chose CTRMCloud™ solution because of its robust risk management functionality allowing users to gain insight into various elements of risk exposure, including a broad range of analyses including easy-to-use scenario analysis, multi-dimensional simulations and stress testing in real time.


During our selection process, we were convinced that CTRMCloud™ offered the most solid solution to meet the requirements of managing the $600 million energy budget of our Fortune 500 retail client.


Unlike other CTRM systems, CTRMCloud™ offers immediate value. We were able get all our trades into the system, have a complete view of our positions, mark-to-market, P&L and risk within the first week of starting to use the system.

Got Milk?

Got Milk?

Global cow's milk production has steadily increased over the years. It has risen from 497 million metric tons in 2015 to 532 metric tons in 2020, partly due to the increase in the global population but also due to migration from rural to urban areas. This is...

Pound for Pound – Is It Really the Same?

Pound for Pound – Is It Really the Same?

In a nutshell, it seems that the financial exposure from Trump’s golf business related debt was based on US Dollars to be paid back – not British Pounds. This has resulted in an FX shortfall to the tune of $40-million.  “His Aberdeen course started racking up debts from the beginning of its operations in 2006, when £1 was worth nearly $2. Now, £1 is worth just $1.42 (as of 09th June 2021).”

From Data Repository to a System of Insight

From Data Repository to a System of Insight

I moved home this weekend. To say it was stressful is an understatement. The amount of ‘stuff’ accumulated by two full grown and three small humans was almost embarrassing. But I looked for a silver lining and I found it. This was an excuse for my family and I to...

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